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The Parent Council now have a gmail account where they can be contacted by email -



Newsletter 18 February 2014


Newsletter 1st October 2013


Newsletter September 2013 




Parent Council


Chairperson - Peter McGuire           


Vice Chairperson - Suzanne Smith  


Secretary  - Patricia Convery         



Mrs Claase - Head Teacher           


Colin Malloy - Parent                     


Tracey Kerr - Parent                      


Heiko Buxel - Parent                      


Michele Jurasinska - Parent             


Alice McCormick - Parent



Paula McGuire - Parent



Martin Ennis - Parent



Jacquie Burke - Parent



Janine Tumilowicz - Parent



Monsignor Lawson - Parish Priest   


Councillor John McGinty                


Councillor Jim Walker                   


Councillor Willie Boyle                  





Councillor Harry Cartmill               



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